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The principal of Miami River Forest Management is Bill Wais, a Certified Forester who has worked in all phases of forest management for more than 33 years.


After graduating from Xavier University, Bill started studying forestry at Ohio State University, then moved on to Duke University, where he earned a master's degree in forestry. He also completed the Forest Engineering Institute at Oregon State University and the Silviculture Institute at the University of Washington. His professional forestry career has been primarily with the U.S. Forest Service, where he held several forester positions in timber management and silviculture stationed in California, Oregon, Kentucky, and Utah over a 30-year period. While with the Forest Service, he was a Certified Silviculturist in three Regions. Bill has also worked for private companies in North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio.  

Bill is now sharing his life's worth of training and professional experience in responsible, scientifically based management of forestland with private landowners and public land stewards. This work is his passion and what he truly believes in.

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